Library Necessities Checklist

As a college student, most of my days (and nights) are spent in the library. My school’s library is 5 floors with many different uses. The first and fifth floor are reserved for quiet study-I know someone who’s gotten kicked off the floor for their phone vibrating, so it’s super quiet. The second and third floors are reserved for self study and there is classrooms aligning the walls for group study. The fourth floor is just mainly self study but it’s not as silent as the quiet floors.

I can’t count how many times I’ve spent over 5 hours in the library in one night, I am always in the library. When you live with your best friends, it can be hard to study in your room because they’re always doing something in the living room so I always give up on studying and go hangout with my roommates. Also, if I study in my room, I’m going to clean my entire room before I get any studying done; so it’s just easier to go to the lib to study.

Before I make my trek across campus however, there are a few things I cannot leave the house without, therefore making this my Library Survival Kit:

Computer + Charger

In college, most of your assignments are online, or require the internet. I know colleges don’t usually require you to have a computer but I couldn’t imagine not having one. It’s just so easy to save all your work on your personal computer, instead of worrying about losing a flash drive (which I’ve done multiple times in high school). I always bring my computer to the library-even if I’m just reading. I use it for music so my phone doesn’t die as quickly, or if I need to look up a definition of a word that I read over.

With taking your computer to the library, always, always take your computer charger. You don’t want to have to stop all your work just to go home and charge your computer. Phone chargers are also a necessity in the library… just bring all of your chargers, you won’t regret it-trust me.


I know this one seems like you wouldn’t forget the books you need, but I’ve done it. I always have a list of all the work I’d like to get done in the library that day and make sure to bring all of those books with me.


I have to be listening to music all the time, I can’t focus if it’s too quiet. My mom thinks  it’s weird but it makes me focus. Getting to the library and realizing you forgot your headphones is the worst thing. Libraries are too quiet and frankly kind of creepy, music makes it more homey.

School Supplies

Again, another obvious one but so important. I was sitting in the library the other day and someone came up to me and asked me for a pen. Like, how did you forget a pen or pencil?? It makes no sense to me, but for that reason, I always make sure to have extra pens, pencils, highlighters, post it notes and flashcards. I’m like the school supply queen of my college.


Agenda, planner or whatever you call it, this is whatever you write your assignments in and due dates. My planner is my life. Don’t forget it when you go to the library because you will be lost without it. My roommate doesn’t use a planner and she always forgets about her homework and when it’s due. This is just a handy thing to have with you, so you can see what you have due in the next week or two.


If you drink coffee, this is a MUST for the library, it keeps you going when you’re tired. I usually drink a cup (or three) while at the library. Our campus starbucks is right next to our library so if I’m feeling a bit sluggish, I’ll ask someone to watch my stuff and run over and refill on caffeine.


I usually bring a refillable water bottle with me, just so I always have something to stay hydrated with. Water also is good for your brain and body, so I like to think that while I’m studying, the water is helping me learn more and keeping my body healthy.


While I study, I love snacking. I always bring something sweet, something salty and some healthy options like carrots and apples with me to the library. I just like to have some options because I may not want what I’ve packed and our library doesn’t have food in it (it’s the worst).

Extra Clothes

I ALWAYS dress in layers, you never know what the temperature in the library is going to be. I usually have a sweatshirt with me, I wear a t-shirt, and I always bring extra socks with me (pro tip: I carry extra socks everywhere) and I fully recommend it.

That’s everything I take with me to get some serious studying done. I’ve never left the library without getting what I needed done, done and it’s because I bring everything I would need with me.

I hope this helps you in your studies!

How to get back in the groove after Spring Break

As a college student there is nothing more awful than having a week off of school, away from your campus, away from the emails from professors, and if you’re lucky, a week off of doing any school work.

Most students spend SB at a beach, like Daytona or Myrtle Beach and they spend their weeks in a drunken, sunburnt haze. Even if you don’t go to a beach, you’re still doing something more fun than school.

In my case I went to Disney World (still working on that post… it has to be perfect), so coming from 85 degree weather to 20 degree weather makes me want to stay in bed all day. I woke up this morning at 6:30 (pro tip: never take an 8am, just don’t) and went back to sleep for AN HOUR. I was late to my class on the first day back from break. I also forgot my computer, my headphones and my notebook. Today has been the roughest monday let me tell you.

All day I’ve been unmotivated and just feeling like I’ll never get my determination back that I had before break. I mean, we have seven weeks left before school’s out and that is a lot of time left for you to either bring your grade up or throw it in the trash. How do I make sure that I raise my grades before the end of the semester? Here are some of my pro tips I use after every break and when I’m in a mid-semester slump:

  1. Make goals for the rest of the semester

Is there a big project due that you really want to get an A on? Make that a goal. Spending less money for the remaining weeks of the semester could be a goal, start going to the gym twice a week. Make your goals attainable so it helps you focus on them. (Of course there’s nothing wrong with making a huge goal either). I just like to make little goals that accomplish a major goal (like getting above a 3.5 GPA this semester) so my goals for instance are something like “write papers a week before the due date” since I’m a MAJOR procrastinator (currently procrastinating right now actually).

2.  Organize your Life

I LOVE making lists. It helps me feel like I have my life together, it also allows me to see how much I have to do so I know how much leisure time I can have that week to Netflix or read a non-school-related book. I make a calendar every month with my readings for every class and hang it right above my desk so I see it every morning. I color code my planner and my wall calendar so I can see which classes require more work or reading.

I am not over stressing the importance of planners y’all. My planner is my life. If I lost it, I would probably die (okay, a little over dramatic but you get it). I just really believe that organizing my planner gets me motivated to finish the semester strong.

3. Get Inspired

 When ever I don’t feel like studying, I always look at Studyspo pictures (studyspo is Study inspiration fyi), it makes me want to design my notes just like that which causes me to study the material while writing it. It’s a weird method but it works.

I always use Pinterest or Tumblr to look at Studyspo ideas (like the featured image of this post-from Pinterest)

4. Countdown until Summer

So after Spring Break, you’ve had a little taste of freedom and all you want is for it to be summer so you can do  n o t h i n g . Summer for me is a time to work and make some money so I love summer, I get to see my old friends and I get three months to not worry about tests or professors. I start my countdown to summer April 1st since that’s usually about a month out. Seeing the days left really kicks my brain into “go” mode. My thought process is usually “oh crap, finals are in 15 days, I better start studying now!”

5. Think about the next semester

Nothing gets me more excited to finish the semester than planning what classes I have to take in the fall. I get excited about those classes and the excitement makes me want to do better in this semester’s classes. You don’t want to fail, professors talk my friends. So plan your classes out and figure out if you have to have a GPA requirement for any classes.

6. Clean

I usually hate cleaning. Like I despise cleaning, I don’t know what it is but nothing about it makes me happy. But if I’m in a slump, I’ll clean a section of my room (like my closet, drawers, desk) and it’ll make me feel accomplished, so then I’ll finish cleaning my room and  by that time, I’m feeling motivated and productive so that’ll make me do some school work at my newly clean desk.

7. Music

Make super fun playlists that help you study or for a five minute dance break. Music always helps me feel better and get my creative juices flowing to help my school work be the best it can be. Head over to Spotify or Apple Music and make a new playlist!

Pro tip: Spotify and Apple Music offer student discounts!

8. Go on an Adventure

Grab your best friends and go on a fun little adventure. It could be a big hike, or just a fun trip to Target with them. Just get off campus and have fun.

Adventures don’t have to be somewhere exotic or far away. Go on a drive to watch the sunrise (or set if you’re not a morning person). They don’t have to be expensive either. Just have fun, it’s a nice break from stressing about school.

Now, these last two are two of my favorites and essential to make it through these last weeks of the semester.

9. Reward Yourself

If you rock a test or presentation, find something that you categorize as a reward and get it for yourself. It’s a fun way to remind yourself that you’re doing a good job and you’re kicking school’s butt. It could be something as simple as an ice cream cone or something like a mani/pedi or a trip home for a weekend. Whatever you want, find it and work for it.

10. Take a day off

Mental health is a super important factor to being happy and staying healthy. If you’ve worked hard the past week and feel like you should spend a Saturday laying in bed and watching movies? Do it. I try to give myself at least half a day every week to rejuvenate and get ready for the upcoming week.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day off to relax and have some time to yourself.

Spring Break is always much needed but I feel like we need a break from break. It drains you and your motivation. With these ten tips, you’ll rock the rest of the semester!